InvestiFi Launches V2 Upgrades in Partnership with WeStreet Credit Union

InvestiFi is pleased to announce the launch of our V2 platform in collaboration with WeStreet Credit Union. This newest version marks an exciting milestone as we welcome WeStreet’s Members to an enhanced and innovative crypto investing experience.

Our dedicated team has made significant improvements to elevate Member’s investing journey. With a complete overhaul of the platform's look and feel, we are thrilled to present our users with a refreshed interface that promotes clarity and user-friendliness.

Among the notable features of the V2 platform is the ability to effortlessly monitor portfolio and price trends over time. Our upgraded system now offers visually appealing historical graphs that enable you to make informed investment decisions based on comprehensive data analysis.

As convenience is paramount, our new platform enables seamless crypto transactions with just a few clicks. Members can instantly buy and sell cryptocurrencies by simply selecting the "Invest" option on their home screen. We have also introduced an asset exploration feature that empowers users to gather valuable insights before engaging in trading activities.

Additionally, the “Learn” section has undergone changes to improve functionality. Members can access a wealth of valuable resources and expand their knowledge to make well-informed investment choices.

Reflecting on this milestone collaboration, InvestiFi CEO, Kian Sarreshteh, expressed his excitement by stating, "InvestiFi is proud to launch our V2 platform in partnership with WeStreet Credit Union, bringing an enhanced crypto investing experience to our users. This collaboration signifies our commitment to providing exceptional tools and resources to empower our users in making informed investment decisions."

WeStreet CEO, Eric Hilaire, echoed the enthusiasm by saying, "We are thrilled to collaborate with InvestiFi on the V2 platform, offering our Members a refreshed interface and valuable insights for informed investment choices. This continuing partnership allows us to provide our Members with a comprehensive platform that empowers them to navigate the crypto market with confidence and success with ease."

At InvestiFi, we remain dedicated to consistently providing our users with the highest standard of investing experiences. We invite you to explore the enhanced features and improved functionalities of the V2 platform. 

About WeStreet Credit Union:

WeStreet Credit Union was established in 1943 on the philosophy of people helping people. Today, WeStreet has grown to over 56,000 members, a billion dollars in assets, more than 200 employees, and serves 11 Northeast Oklahoma counties with 15 convenient locations. WeStreet Credit Union is a community-minded financial institution focused on serving and enriching the lives of others. By creating a welcoming and supportive atmosphere, WeStreet helps neighbors become members and members become family. For more information about WeStreet Credit Union, visit

About InvestiFi:

InvestiFi is a leading provider of innovative digital solutions for credit unions and financial institutions. With a focus on delivering cutting-edge technology, InvestiFi enables credit unions to provide their members with seamless access to a wide range of investment options and secure financial services. Through strategic partnerships and a commitment to excellence, InvestiFi empowers credit unions to meet the evolving needs and expectations of their members in an increasingly digital world.

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