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Empowering Credit Unions to Unlock Members' Financial Success

Your Members are the most valuable asset of your credit union. Their deposits are a testament to their trust and loyalty. Safeguard and protect their Member relationships and deposits within your credit union, ensuring their financial security. By assisting them in building a solid financial future, you can forge stronger connections. InvestiFi's user-friendly self-directed investment solution seamlessly integrates into your existing digital banking platform, attracting new Members and reinforcing your bond with existing ones.

Maximize your financial success with InvestiFi.

Instead of risking the loss of Member funds and loyalty to FinTechs and external exchanges, seize the opportunity to provide them with the necessary tools to cultivate their financial future through an app they are already familiar with - yours!

Are your credit union's potential Members, financial opportunities, and other benefits being overlooked?

At InvestFi we've witnessed a multitude of credit union Members eager to explore the world of investing but unfortunately unable to do so with their credit union. Additionally, we observed credit unions across the nation losing valuable capital to FinTech apps. With this in mind, we embarked on a mission to bring self-directed investing to every single Member and credit union. Our solution is not only secure and scalable, but it is also deeply rooted in the principle of "people helping people."


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